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Why we charge such low prices ?

You know this picture of design firms which hold fancy celebrity photo shoot, spend so much money on special and expansive types of coffee or tea, and deluxe designer sofa for their offices? Of course in the end you have to pay for these things in your projects.

In Mernar we don't focus only on the design but also on how to cut the expenses that won't be used directly in your project.

On the other hand there are freelance websites that offer good prices. Still, not as good as ours, because every designer has to work on 5 to 10 project on average in order to get one project in the end which they will be paid for. So, in the end when you pay for your design, you actually paying, as well, for all the hours the designer worked on something else but was rejected and not payed, and you also pay for the mediator commission.  

As a conclusion, we charge such low prices because we ask you to pay for what you get only, and nothing more. 

We don't ask for payment until you are completely satisfied with the design. If you change your mind at any point and don't wish to continue; no strings attached.   

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